Our Mission

In 2012, Rabbi Marc Labowitz of Temple Adath Or saw the need, as many do, to feed the homeless and hungry of South Florida. He recognized that there is enough food, however much of it is wasted. Nearly half of all food produced never makes it to the belly of a human being. The missing link between the food industry and the hungry is the transportation and redistribution of food that would normally be wasted. Rabbi Labowitz has put together a team of drivers for an annual project that he has called All-Fed. In All-Fed’s first year, there were approximately a dozen drivers and 20 restaurants. The most recent annual project included 50 volunteer drivers and 100 restaurants and markets. In 2015, All-Fed evolved from an annual project to one that operates year round.

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All-Fed is a nonprofit organization that focuses on delivering excess food and produce from restaurants and markets to the mouths of the hungry.

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